GAMA International Canada's roots go back to 1974, when the Life Insurance Managers Association of Canada (LIMAC) was born. At that time, the costs of running the association were shared by a group of managers until revenue flowed from membership fees and other sources. Throughout the past 30 years, membership in the association has evolved to include not just life insurance managers, but leaders within all segments of financial services.

Most recently known as The Managers Association of Financial Advisors of Canada (MAFAC), the association was renamed GAMA International Canada in October 2002 to reflect the strategic alignment with GAMA International in the United States.

In 2005 GAMA became a conference of Advocis. In 2007, GAMA and Advocis initiated a reciprocal membership arrangement whereby all GAMA members will be Advocis members and all members of Advocis in a manager role would become GAMA members.

2019 -    Ted Girard, CFP, CHS, CLU
2017 – 2019 Peter Gillespie
2015 – 2017 Shawn Bellefeuille, CFP, CLU, CHS
2012 - 2015 Rob Popazzi, CLU, CHS
2008 - 2012 Greg D. Powell CD, BA (Psych), CFP, CHS, EPC
2007 - 2008 Joe Flynn, CFP, RHU
2005 - 2007 Juli Leith, CFP, CLU
2004 - 2005 Michael Gau
2003 - 2004 David A. Gray, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
2002 - 2003 Kevin V. Hunter
2001 - 2002 Rick Forchuk, MBA, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1999 & 2000 Louis Rivard, CLU
1999 Abe Toews, CFP, CLU, CHS, CH.F.C.
1998 Carla Mann O'Callaghan, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1997 A.G. (Grant) Norlin, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1996 A.D. (Art) Thompson, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1995 Jacques Thouin
1994 E.N. (Ted) Higgins, CLU
1993 R.J. (Bob) Cowan, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1992 B.D. (Bruce) Reardon
1991 R.N. (Roger) Fox, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1990 Jacques Martin, AVA
1989 W.A. (Ward) Hodsman, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1988 S.N. (Stan) Kaufman
1987 D.A. (Dave) Walker, CLU
1986 D.J. (Dave) Thibideau, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1984 & 1985 H.S. (Hugh) Alexander
1983 H.A. (Hugh) Arrison, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C.
1982 J.P. (Pat) Latulippe, CLU
1980 & 1981 J.S. (Jim) Cameron, CLU
1979 B.A. (Ben) Hughes, CLU
1974 - 1978 J.J. (Joe) Driscoll, CLU