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April 2007

Welcome to April, looking forward to spring!

Well, the LAMP (Leadership and Management Program) conference was held in Toronto in March and it was a massive success! This is the first time that GAMA International has held the conference outside of the United States; it was a sellout and the speaker program was exceptional!

But instead of hearing it from me, I would like to share with you the feedback from one of GAMA Canada’s members. Jim Wingrove is Director of Agency for the Cooperators, and he attended the conference. Jim sent an e-mail to his field to recap the conference and he has agreed to let us use this e-mail as this month’s newsletter. Jim’s e-mail does a fantastic job of not only summarizing the conference but also of describing GAMA Canada and our mandate to you, our members.

Whether you were able to attend the conference or not, I am sure you will find it a great read. Thank you Jim.

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

Subject: GAMA – LAMP 2007

From: Jim Wingrove


Last week, I attended (along with 18 other field managers from The Co-operators including five DMs) the LAMP (Leadership and Management Program) Conference hosted by GAMA International (USA) in Toronto, Ontario. It is the first time GAMA USA has held the conference outside the USA and GAMA Canada, that we support, now participates with GAMA USA in the support and promotion of this Field Management Conference. This conference was sold out – there were over 2,300 field managers and financial services leaders at this conference. There were over 500 managers from Canada including the entire field management group from Freedom 55.

I can now understand why it was well attended.  The leadership speakers were incredible. The conference had an exceptional balance of motivational, inspirational and field management leadership and management platform speakers.  It also had many practical workshops devoted to issues that Field Managers are dealing with on a daily basis.  Just to give you a flavour for the platform speakers – Motivational Christopher Gardner – author of the Pursuit of Happiness; Michael Noplte – Inspirational – spoke on the value our industry brings – Burned but not broken; Gus Lee – Author of China Boy.  There were a number of insurance company platform speakers – DMs and RVPs from State Farm, AXA, Equitable Life, Northwestern Mutual, Prudential Insurance Company, etc.  A State Farm Manager also conducted a workshop on the role of the Field Manager is assisting the agency owner.

I had a number of DMs tell me it truly was the best conference they have attended in years.  Some said they would prefer to attend this rather than a LIMRA conference because the speakers and topics are more applicable to the job we are doing.  If any of the DMs wish to share their thoughts on the conference I would encourage them to do so! [more]

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