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August 2006

Summer Salutations!

Depending on exactly where in Canada you may reside, chances are you’ve had to survive some pretty horrible months of winter to finally reach these warm and wonderful summer afternoons. After enjoying some of the mandatory outdoor physical activities, it’s nice to relax and catch up on some reading and (if you are like me) some writing. So, much thanks to Jason Kipps and John Marshall for last month’s article, Building A Recruiting Culture, and to Norm Trainor for providing a thought-provoking case study to this newsletter.

If you’re interested in spending some of your summer afternoons to put your own thoughts, insights and experience into words for the benefit of your colleagues throughout Canada, opportunities abound. I would welcome your participation in our newsletter by way of a written contribution to be published in the coming months. As well, GAMA Canada has arranged with Advocis and Forum magazine to sponsor a regular column specifically for managers. You are encouraged to create an article (approximately 850 words) on management topics (recruiting, retention, selection; training and education; coaching and leadership; business development) and forward them to my attention ( for consideration.

GAMA International is in the process of compiling the next “best practices” book and is looking for some Canadian content. This is a particularly easy activity as a simple phone interview is all that is requested. If you have some helpful ideas to share, please contact Libbye Morris:

Summer is also a great time to think about travel opportunities; so I encourage to have a look at the “LAMP 2006” link (on your left) for highlights of last year’s amazing conference in Orlando.

Enjoy your summer,

Rod Burylo,
Editor and Director

Teamwork: co-ordination and co-operation

By Norm Trainor

Sales at Robin’s firm were down and the problem seemed to be that employees weren’t working together.

Since hiring a number of specialists, Robin Froner had seen tremendous growth in her business. She prided herself on hiring talented, hard workers, people who could easily earn the trust of her clients. Robin believed she could build a strong team by simply hiring good people. Unfortunately, she was mistaken, and her business was suffering.

When quarterly results came in a few months ago, Robin was alarmed. Her growth strategy depended on a high percentage of multiple sales, which had been growing over the previous two quarters. But now there was an alarming drop off. Without multiple sales, she’d miss revenue targets, and worse, she’d be opening up her client base to competition.

The quarterly results pointed to a problem with Sandy, her benefits specialist, and Chris, her disability specialist. Both had been selling, but rarely to the same clients. Lack of teamwork was something she’d been sensing for a while, so she called on Herb Koplowitz, our VP of Organization Effectiveness Services.

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