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June 2013
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The Value of Process

By Pete Gillespie
Director, Business Development, Freedom 55 Financial, Toronto
Professional Development Director, GAMA Canada
A field leader can often find a meeting with an advisor, new or established, deals with a specific case or a transaction; that is, the meeting ends up being more tactical than strategic. For more proactive and less reactive meetings, consider creating a general process for meetings, including meetings that deal with the value of process.
Creating a template for a regularly scheduled meeting with one of your team members can help keep your meeting focused and relevant. The agenda need not be restrictive — it can be three to five general points that appear each meeting. The key is to have an agenda so that both you and your advisor are aligned with the subject at hand — the growth, development and success of your advisor. Sample points can include: "What has gone well since we last met?"; "What challenges have you faced?"; "What new cases have you opened?"; "What has your personal development time been spent on?"; "What do you need help with?"; and "Who should be talking to about a career here?"
The template can also serve to increase your cadence of accountability. When your advisor sees you leading by example and following a process, then he or she can see that you believe in the value of process. Also, by taking notes and practicing active listening skills because you are following a plan, you allow the advisor to feel more connected to you. Taking good notes gives you the chance to follow up on any outstanding issues, so that you can deliver on your commitments.
Following a process is very important in recruiting as well. By delivering a professional process consistently you not only get better at your craft, but you also will find your selection skills improve as you are able to listen more to what the recruit is saying rather than worrying about what you need to say next.
In fact, many successful recruiters discuss the importance of using a process during their initial meetings with candidates. There are three common messages to the value of process when brought up in a recruiting meeting. First, the use of a process makes the advisor a better listener; if the advisor knows what to say and when to say it, they can listen more actively and pick up areas of planning opportunities. Second, the use of a process helps the advisor stay compliant. It is much better to stay in the good books.
Finally, the effective use of a process makes an advisor more referable. If the prospects an advisor meets with know exactly what the advisor does and who they connect best with, then the prospect/client will be in a better position to provide qualified introductions.
Process is simply defined as a series of actions or steps to achieve a result. Process need not be complex. Your own process should allow you to be more efficient as it helps you do the same things better; but the big value in process is that it can make you more effective — that is, doing the right things and getting your priorities straight. Ultimately, the combination of efficiency and effectiveness will help you in doing the right things right.
Finally, following a process will give you greater time management and balance. When you have a process for recruiting, development and management, you will feel more in control and better able to bring your best effort daily.


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