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Put Selection on “Automatic”

The Re-EnergizerBy Jim Ruta, BA RHU
President, ExpertInstitute.com
Director, GAMA International Canada

“Good selection is the natural consequence of large numbers of candidates.”  If you can build this into your agency development strategy, you will be more successful than you dreamed and more quickly than you expected.

Heading up a “career agency” is hard work. Don’t let anyone from head office tell you different – sorry, I just love messing with those people. The responsibility of finding “keepers” is a full time job but only one the roles you are likely expected to assume.

There are two big challenges you have to get over when finding and the selecting the people you want to enter the business:

First, recruiters tend to see and appreciate the potential of recruits more than the recruits themselves. Part of this is necessary. We have to see their opportunity in order to get them it the door. But after that, unless they see their potential too, we’ll be pushing them and not guiding them. That’s like pushing a rope up a hill -- a lot of work and not that productive.

Second, recruiters often “fall in love” with their candidates.  We see their tremendous potential and then overlook everything else due to this maybe undeserved halo effect. We are blinded by the glow we give them. This too, is a very dangerous and expensive game.

The way around this to leave selection to the natural processes at work in a large pool of candidates. Make your selection system work for you by putting all your candidates through it and then letting the best ones naturally rise to the top. Don’t second guess the system. Just let the “winners” prove their worth – and they will.  It’s automatic.

Incorporate Maya Angelou’s advice in your selection system: “When someone shows you what they are like, believe them the first time.”  I put it this way, “It never gets any better than when you are ‘dating’. You won’t change anyone.”  There you have it.  Free advice that took me 20 years to learn...

The best candidates will “naturally select”. They will choose to do what needs to be done. They will do what you ask. They will be enthusiastic on their own. They will jump through all the hoops because they want to be with you. You won’t have to push or cajole them. They will push you.

The key is to keep your “candidate hopper” full to make the system work for you and not against you. You don’t select from a pool of one. You prey, then pray. It doesn’t work often enough to deserve consideration.

You need numbers to let the numbers work for you.

Self selection is the number one determinant of success in the business. If you let natural selection work for you with large numbers, you, your recruits and the consumer will be the beneficiaries.

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