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October 2009

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Two Keys to Mega Manager Marketing

The Re-EnergizerIt sounds counterintuitive, but manager marketing is really an “inside job”. What seems like entirely an “outside” process is actually “inside” first. When you get that part done, the job of marketing becomes much easier.

There are two simple manager marketing keys that don’t get a lot of play. Sure, you have to get the word on the street, but if it’s the wrong message, you’ll go backward, not forward. You need the right message for you and your specific circumstances if you want to lead the industry in your marketplace.  All the industry greats have figured this out. Here’s the crash course to save you the time.

Caution. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Although this may seem simple, it is by no means easy to accomplish. It’s is why so few managers make it work in a big way. It’s also an evolving process that changes as you grow and develop. Be ready to change your marketing as you get better.

First Key: “Know What Are You Marketing”

Do you know which talent you are marketing as a manager? If you don’t, no one else will either and your marketing will go for nothing. What defines your best skill set? Knowing this is the absolute first step for mega manager marketing success. Here’s what I mean.

Are you a recruiter of brand new advisors? Are you a developer of experienced advisors? Do you have a leading team that can help anyone make the transition to the business? Do you focus on a specific market? A specific product or service?

Discover the number one reason people choose you over your competition. Be specific. Be clear. Take the time to get a grip on your premier talent as a leader/recruiter/manager as it relates to your business situation. Some organizations are better set up for one kind of recruiting than another.  Stick with the strengths your firm presents. Make reality work for you. (This is #5 in the “Principles of Excellent Performance”. Email me and I’ll send you a copy)

Ask for input from the people who know you best and whose judgement you value. They likely know better because their judgement isn’t clouded by aspirations and ego. But, it’s your call. Be honest with yourself. You will only ever be your best self and the second best anyone else.

When you know who you are best, you will be able to craft a properly targeted message that will help you and your supporters attract the ideal people to your team.

Second Key: “Target the Right People”

Who are these “ideal people” for your situation? Knowing your real talent helps you more easily decide where that talent is best applied. If you’ve been honest with yourself, your talent points perfectly to your best audience. 

Think of it like magically discovering you have a complete set of professional tools for a particular project. When you know for what the tools are best used, you know the project. So, when you know your best talents, your best audience is obvious.

For what are your professional “tools” best suited? Are you and your opportunity best with young people? A particular ethnic market? Job changers? Professionals? Sales people? Early retirees? Any of these can be the basis of a “mega agency” if it’s the right project for your “tools”. Just don’t think you can be everything for everyone. You can’t. That strategy always fails.

Don’t judge your best market based on anyone else and what they might be doing. Instead, judge it based on who you are, what you know and where you can help most. After having been involved directly in the hiring of literally hundreds of recruits through dozens of recruiters, I can say that we experienced the best success when the “tools” and the “project” matched up best. You can build a top producing agency in any hard working market if you know how to work with them effectively. If you have the tools that match the project you will experience the success.

Focus your recruiting on your true strengths and your most natural market, the one where you have the most influence and impact. When you try to force either of these factors where they don’t belong, you will never achieve the success of which you are capable.   

Focus your marketing to make best use of your strengths and aim it at the most receptive market and you’ve started mega manager marketing.

Jim Ruta
Financial Industry Advisor
“Better thinking for better advisors”

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