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A Generation Y Recruiting Opportunity

This Dark Cloud May Have A Silver Lining!

Downwardly mobile; Call them ‘Generation challenged’

Gen Y is a golden generation, both highly educated and technologically gifted. Gen Y’ers, who are currently in their late 20s, have graduated from colleges and universities with honours and accolades in fields that long promised automatic employment. They have been both socially and academically successful, and have made their parents proud.

Things got rocky for Gen Y in 2011. They have staggering student loan debts to pay off, with little to no prospect of landing high-paying positions. The previously promised and advertised opportunities for their professional skill-set and degree have largely dried up. As a result, we have some highly educated young people working at service and low-paying, entry level positions while searching for work in their chosen professional field.

Now to your silver lining!

Insurance recruiting and hiring managers have an amazing opportunity for recruiting and selecting 25-plus, “first wave” Gen Y’ers. Until recently, a career in the insurance industry was far from the first choice of most graduates. Now, however, Gen Y’ers as a whole, though articulate, well educated and technologically savvy, are broke! If effectively recruited, this group may become the next wave of insurance professionals.  Gen Y’ers in their mid-20s carry a nightmarish debt load, one that greatly affects their outlook and sense of optimism for the future. Despite what they were told, their advanced degrees do not guarantee that high-paying dream job they once considered money in the bank.


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