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Summer 2007

Happy Summer Members and Friends

Depending on where in Canada you call home, I hope you are having the opportunity to enjoy some warm summer weather. Summers are meant for holidays and relaxation. With that in mind, the following message from Cary Mullen, Olympic Gold medallist, is fitting.

Read on and enjoy, and GAMA Canada wishes you a wonderful summer!!

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

Knock Some Sense Into Your Head!

The Lost Art of Rejuvenation

By Cary Mullen

I felt a wave of delicious, wonderful energy was flowing back into me.  More energy than I remembered having in years.  Lying on the couch recovering from a severe concussion, instead of being drained of energy, it felt like energy was flowing into me.  

There on the couch, I realized that I had not taken a real vacation in 17 years. After all of those years working 80 hours a week without a break and now as fate would have it being forced to take time off, I realized how huge my mistake had been. 

Being an athlete, I had been taught the value of rejuvenation by many famous athletes. Tommy Moe took a week off right before the Olympic Games in Norway and he won the Gold Medal. Similarly, the year that Kyle Rasmussen took a week off before the World Cup, he came in first place. Danny Mahr, who had the most longevity on the World Cup circuit (16 years) took six weeks off at the beach each spring after the season had ended.

Knowing the value of rejuvenation and practicing it were too different things. I was simply too afraid to take time off. Even in the spring when the season was over, I’d jump right into off-season training. Lifting weights and doing what I thought I needed to do to get ahead of the game. I did this year after year, despite chronic patella tendonitis from not taking time to let my muscles and joints rejuvenate.

Now that I was being forced to take time off, I was experiencing the value firsthand. I am naturally someone who pushes myself constantly. While I believe that is one of my greatest strengths, it is also one of my greatest weaknesses.  Lying there on the couch, I committed myself to a plan of taking time off in the future.

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